Nursery (birth to age 2)

Through constructive use of time spent in the nursery, infants and toddlers will become familiar with hearing about God, his son Jesus and His Word. The love of God will become apparent through everyday interactions facilitated by parents and ministry staff.


Preschool (ages 2-4)

Preschool children will learn Gospel Story; that God is the Creator of the world and that He loves and cares for them. They will learn how the Bible is about Jesus, as read in His Word. Children will be able to talk about God and the truth of the Bible (grace, mercy, love, sin, Jesus), learn to offer age-appropriate prayers, and develop relationships with their peers and teachers while learning Biblically infused behavior.


Elementary (grades 1-6)

Children in the elementary school ministry will continue to be taught the Gospel Story (as told through Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration) and be challenged by its implications for life change by believing Jesus as Lord and Savior of all. They will be prepared, taught and equipped for the personal life change, learning Biblically infused behavior through the books of the Bible, the characteristics and attributes of God, the importance of Jesus' finished work, Scripture memorization, mission opportunities and missionaries and through worship.


Ministry Staff

Adult teachers and assistants are the most important piece of children’s ministry. By their example, teachers express the love of Christ to children and demonstrate the integrity of leading a Christian life (see Titus 2:7-8). Teachers seek their own growth (2 Peter 3:18) in the truth and demonstrate it through the fruits of the Spirit. They will guide children in the truth of the Gospel and his Son Jesus as revealed in the Bible, being prepared themselves and preparing the children for authentic personal life change the Bible requires. All children’s ministry staff encourages parents to discuss the Gospel truths in the home, extending the impact of this ministry and helping children to deepen their personal knowledge and faith.






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